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We know life is hard. We know people suck sometimes. Even God doesn't seem to bail us out every time that we need a rescue. But we have found that God is faithful, and that he genuinely desires to connect with us. We've found that we believed a lot of lies about God.  We're here to help you encounter this same God. The one who loves you, believes in you, and gives you peace in the storm. Join us online or in person and experience transformation.


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The highlight of our year is the Freshwind conference. Thousands of people gather from all over North America to get real and vulnerable and to meet with God. Join us! 



Freshwind changed my life. I first attended in 2000, and went for a few years. It was there that I really discovered that God loved me, and could heal my heart. I wasn’t the same afterward. Today I’m a leader in a Christian ministry, have a great marriage and 3 beautiful kids. I thank God for what he did in my heart during Freshwind.
— Jonathan Puddle



We believe that God loves you, and wants you to encounter him personally. When know that you meet God for yourself, your life will be changed. Everything that we write, produce, film and do is so that you would know this too. If you join us for Freshwind conference you'll find a group of people that will love you and show you how to encounter God for yourself. That's what we do here.


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About Us

We are Catch The Fire Toronto

We're a bunch of people who work at a church in Toronto and love young people. Over 20 years ago something amazing happened at our church, and everyone met God in a new way. A way that filled people's lives with power, and made their boring religion suddenly exciting and alive. They all fell in love with Jesus Christ, and God the Father, and his Holy Spirit. We've grown up in that church, and now we're giving away that same experience of a loving God to everyone.